10 RVs That Will Make You Want To Ditch City Living For Good

As I write this it is a Monday morning–too early–and I’m under-caffeinated. This weekend, the weather perfect, I was stuck going to not one, or two, but three wedding receptions. And as if it wasn’t bad enough that all three wedding cakes had that sickly sweet, thick icing–fondant–I was forced to dance. Again, thrice.

Needless to say, I’m itching for the road. Itching for some open air. Summer here is almost over and with only a few weekends and one federal holiday to go, I want to make the most of it and get some time in my little camper. She’s a beauty, really. Simple, enough room on the bed for two, a little kitchen area, and space for my pooch on the floor.

It seemed just right for me until this morning, already under duress from the weekend, I stumbled on rvshare.com’s 10 Amazing RVs That Will Make You Want To Ditch The City. Now I’m green with envy. These RVs are seriously sweet.

Take a look at a few:

# 10 The Unicat Amerigo


Supposing you had an extra $500,000 lying around in your bank account and you needed to traverse some rough terrain, this is the RV for you. Sure, she’s not anything to look at on the outside (unless you’re into military chic) but take a look inside.


As if that’s not enough, it comes equipped with solar panels and a 2,000 mile gas tank.

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# 8 The Marathon Coach


The go-to RV for race car drivers to call home away from home, the Marathon Coach has a fireplace, leather furniture, and it’s own weather hookups.

This RV is bigger, and worlds better than my college dorm and three subsequent apartments. Possibly combined.

# 7 The Country Coach Veranda


This one made me laugh when I saw it. I mean, it has a freaking balcony! Imagine rolling into the KOA with this bad boy–everyone’s already admiring it, the jealousy is palpable–then you park it and…BAM! Roll out the veranda.

You’d probably be able to hear the jaws dropping from across the park if they weren’t being drowned out by the Country Coach’s amazing audio system.

# 4 The Terra Wind

This was by far my favorite RV. Yes, I know the last one had a balcony. This one still trumps it. But to see it, you’ll have to check out the whole list here.

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