3 Amazing Dashcam Vids of Caravan Rollovers – You’ll Never Speed Again!

Speeding, wind or just bad luck – be careful when you’re towing!

God only knows what it must feel like when the snaking starts and you know it’s not going to end well!

The first one we’ve got for you is from Australia, and it’s a real example of snaking ending badly; it’s hard to tell the speed involved but likely at a fair rate as it’s during an overtaking manouevre. Luckily the road’s quiet and apparently all involved were unharmed.

The next one we’ve got doesn’t look like speeding at all, possibly wind related? Whatever the cause this is a good sized trailer that’s being towed and when that goes you’re not going to have much chance no matter what your tow vehicle.

Just hope the crockery was tied down!

Enjoy that? Or are you watching with your hands over your face??


The third dashcam video really needs some kind of explanation – we have no idea what the guy towing the RV is trying to do? According to the description on Youtube it appears that the owner was trying to blame the truck driver but luckily he’s got his cam rolling.

He just comes out of nowhere!

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