37 of the Greatest RV Hacks Known To Man (or Woman)

RVing is some of the best fun you can have on the road but it still comes with its occasional annoyances. But storage issues and keeping the toilet clean (to name a few) don’t have to hold up the party.

“Where there is a will, there is a hack”, we always say here at The RV Hub.

I don’t care if you are a seasoned RV’er or you just bought your first RV and have only taken it out for a spin around the block, I promise some of the 37 RV hacks that we found courtesy of RVCOutdoors.com will come in handy.

A few of our favorites were:

Strategic Shoe Rack Placement

Storage–or the lack thereof– is an issue that everyone will encounter when RVing that can make for cramped conditions and having to make hard decisions about how many comfort products you can bring. But in this list of hacks there are a couple of great ideas about how to strategically use inexpensive shoe holders to create more usable space. One was so brilliant we jumped up immediately and tried it.

Travel Cups

If you’re tired of pouring a nice glass of water or juice only to have a bump on the road or hard turn leaving things all wet and sticky, RVC Outdoors has an awesome solution involving some Glad Press n’ Seal and a straw you have to see.

The Life Saver

We thought this was just pure genius:

Buy a small whiteboard and affix it to the inside of a cabinet or to the wall somewhere in your RV. Then, whenever you get to a new campground, write the name of the campground, its address, your spot number, and other important details for a quick reference in case of emergencies.

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Don’t Be Such A Square

Actually, on second thought, go square.

Square containers, you see, actually take up less space than the circular containers that most things come in. Invest in some plastic, reusable, square containers and transfer foods to them for additional space and stackability.

Think those hacks were great? Read the rest here.

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