Check Out This Foretravel ih45 Luxury RV review – Great Features!

Full Internal & External Walk-around…

We love a luxury RV here and the Foretravel ih45 Luxury RV certainly fits that description.

Obviously this is a sales vid, but it does mean that they give you a good tour of all the best bits!

For some childish reason it’s the little touches we love, like the power drop-down flooring system 1min 25secs into the video where the floor glides apart then seamlessly slots into place; real quality engineering.

Well, we enjoy any powered transitions really!

It looks here although every detail has been made with comfort in mind, and the cockpit looks fantastic although it would probably have a rather large instruction manual to come with it!



There’s not just massagers in the seats, they’re also in the beds, and the curved kitchen with quartz counter tops is beautifully lit and put together.

Check out all the features in this vid!

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