Climb Aboard the Modular Motorhome – Is This the RV of the Future?

Hybrid Detachable Camper Car Plus Caravan Combo…

If you don’t want to use up valuable RV space by stowing a car and not keen on towing one, then this concept modular motorhome may be of interest to you.


When you reach your destination you can leave the majority of your living space behind and nip off into the city in the detachable car.


Designer Christian Susana has designed this futuristic RV with great attention to detail, and whilst it’s not going to be the biggest motorhome by a long stretch, the clever use of space maximises the use of the smaller dimensions.


Curved interior lines give the feeling of space, and a lofted sleeping area and fold down table and chairs ensure the most amount of space is readily available.

The huge side windows don’t afford much privacy but presumably they will use photo-chromatic glass or at the very least some curtains!

It’s an interesting design, but give me a big, solid motorhome any day of the week!


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