Double Decker Bus Transformed to Beautiful RV!

Is This Something You Could Achieve??

Check out this amazing transformation of a double decker to an RV which will leave you shocked, surprised and hopefully impressed!

Adam lives in Brighton, UK and is a carpenter by profession. Sure enough, he had a dream of buying a house so he could give his daughter the stability she needed, but didn’t have the money for a more conventional home.

So, he bought a double decker bus from Birmingham for 4,500 pounds.

The journey ahead for him wasn’t the easiest of jobs. Adam was a bit of a control freak, so it turned out to be nearly a one-man job. The bus was 340 square feet and so changing it into an RV meant a lot of planning.

But… when you watch the video and you will be amazed to see the transformation of this double decker to an RV. After methodical planning and systematic execution, Adam finally managed to make his dream come true.

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When you see the final result, you’ll be blown away! Sometimes, when you can’t buy a home, you can make one.

Who knows… you may try this out one day too!

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