Awesome Eco-Friendly RV Design – is this the Future of RVs?

RV’s are having a surge in popularity lately, and some of these rigs are getting a much required facelift.

Previously, most RVs had square, large frames and needed a large amount of power. The most recent Recreational Vehicle principle softens the lines and makes green living a top priority.


In addition to cost savings, this RV has a couple more neat tricks…

  • Hydrogen cells as a 2nd source of energy.
  • Solar panel on both the roofing system and the awning.
  • An AquaVentus device that draws water from the air and transforms it for human usage.
  • An integrateded charging station for your electrical automobile, motorbike, or Segway.

Sounds terrific? The issue is, no one is making it …. With sustainability covered in charm, it’s just a matter of time before somebody takes the leap and produces this Robrady design.

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Do you like this Recreational Vehicle idea? Is Recreational Vehicle sustainability crucial to you? Whether you like it or not this is probably the future of RVing, and let’s face it, this is one good looking rig.


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