Family Of 6 Living In This RV. When She Opens The Door? Unbelievable!

Mum, Dad and four kids — All in one RV!

It sounds like a very cramped lifestyle, but as this family demonstrates it’s not as bad as it first may sound….

They’re certainly no hoarders; personal items are kept to a minimum and furniture is dual-purpose where possible. The atmosphere is bright, fun and lively.

Outside there’s ample seating and tables, inside there’s the main family room; a creative corner; kitchen; and plenty of room to chill out and sleep.

This RV is not just their home…. it’s also their school as the kids are home-schooled.

This great family have really gone for the minimalistic lifestyle and they’d never go back. Heather says:

“We are a crazy and ordinary radical family of six that left a wonderful, comfortable life in suburbia U.S.A. (by Disney World, nonetheless) to move to South Africa in order to pursue our personal calling to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly to those who are voiceless, powerless, and forgotten. Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty and bring dignity, restoration, and transformation back to communities.”

Pretty deep… but they know what they want and have dared to do it so respect to them!

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