From the Outside – a Normal Camper, But Wait ‘Til It Opens Up!

Clever Camper design nearly trebles living space!

Great motorhome and camper design is about luxury and comfort without taking up too much space.

This clever little mobile home, named De Markies, is a great example of something that’s small and easy to tow, but when you reach your destination you can really spread out thanks to ingenious camper features.


On each side the canopy can be left down for shelter (or mosquito protection) or opened right up to enjoy the fresh air.


Fancy a spot of fishing? Create your own luxury balcony jutting out over the water and soak up the view!


Round the other side of the camper four people can sleep in a two bedroom arrangement separated by the ‘room divider’; again open the canopy for some stargazing or close for privacy. Versatility at its best!

Scroll down to page 2 for pics of the inside…

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