This Guy Built His Own RV Camper from Scratch and It’s Awesome

Behold the Canned Ham Camper

A man known only by his screen name, nmmarauder, set out to build a beautiful, functional, custom camper by hand and what he accomplished is nothing short of incredible.

Take a look.

Mr. Marauder set four simple criteria for his camper:

1.) A pleasure to tow, functional, simple, stylish and durable.

The camper sits atop a custom built frame and 2000lb flexride torsion axle. This particular axle has flanges so the builder could add brakes later if they were needed. The total weight of the frame was just 350lbs– tires, wheels, axle, and all.


The finished camper is a beauty. The blue and white color scheme give it a retro look a lot of RV enthusiasts are paying a lot of more for. And the aerodynamic shape means less stops at the gas station.


2.) Equipped with a comfortable bed, a place to store and prepare food, a place to eat and an emergency toilet.

As anyone who has spent any time on the road knows that these are essential! The sink isn’t meant for any heavy duty use, but uses a foot pump to to get the water from the jugs below to the faucet. Perfect for a quick hand wash or rinse. Next to the sink is a nice long counter top to work on. Underneath it all is a lot of storage space for pots, pans and food.


The dinette is a perfect little breakfast nook for two that can convert into another bed and has lots of storage space underneath. How this guy managed to pack all this and more into this small of a camper leaves us in awe.


3.) Able to sleep 2 adults and 2 large dogs. (Which probably equals 1 more adult)

Never leave home without your best friends and someone to keep you warm at night. This guy takes it to a whole nother level because this isn’t your grandma’s dinette-turned-fold out bed (although he does have one of those too). It’s permanent, 75×54 inches (more than enough for two) and best of all, memory foam! Nothing beats tucking into a comfortable bed after a long haul.

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4.) Inexpensive – You won’t believe how inexpensive this thing was. Check out to learn more!

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