How One Couple Lived in an RV in the Google Parking Lot for 2 Years!

Husband and wife saved 80% of their income by living in their RV!

A Google employee Pete and his wife Kara lived in a small RV in the parking lot of the tech giant’s California headquarters.

Google have many quirky perks, and this couple are not the only people who live on campus, but they do claim to be the longest-running residents of the lot.

Pete, 33, will have been at Google for five years this April. He started as a temp and worked his way up to program manager for the research-and-development team.

Described as “glorified camping,” by Kara, they had no electricity or running water but it allowed them to save 80% of their take-home pay, despite living in the notoriously pricey Bay Area.

Their “mini Winnie” RV is still alive and kicking, but now it’s parked in the driveway of their home, which they bought with the sizable savings they had amassed 2013.

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