Is the Yacht Inspired Caravisio the Camper of Your Dreams?

This Caravan of the Future Concept is Stunning!

Caravans and campers can all too often essentially be boxes on wheels, but German manufacturer Knaus Tabbert has created what it calls the ‘caravan of the future’…. and it’s hard to disagree.


As you can tell from the appearance it is heavily inspired by the appearance of a yacht, and has been subject to intense wind tunnel testing to ensure great aerodynamic performance.

Inside there’s two single beds which can convert to a double bed with a mattress extension. Somehow they’ve also managed to fit a more spacious bathroom than normal and there’s a touchscreen water management system.



The rear of this camper is exciting stuff, with a fold out deck and a remote controlled deck roof (for cover), which combined really expand the size of the living area, and also stored in the back are dual pedelec bicycles which charge their batteries in transit through the tow bar connection.



Scroll down and head to page 2 for some truly cool features and a video walkaround!

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