How Would You Like To Vacation in This Epic POWERHOUSE?

Doug Tolbert might just be our new hero. All the man wanted was everything from an RV, and I’ll be damned, he got it. Doug Created a 400 square-foot RV/Motorhome that can tow a trailer for additional space,a boat, and comfortably sleep 8 people.

And it is a thing to behold.

To give you an idea of the lengths this man went through to create a home on wheels, he sprung for an $8000 satellite tracking system so that he could have Wifi access as well as watch TV on one or all of the four sets the coach has on board. Much of the electronics that are in the RV are powered by a row of solar panels on the roof.

From the outside, the Powerhouse Coach–so named because it’s a house on wheels and has LOTS of power– looks like something a travelling carnival might hook up to get around. But once you step inside you’ll see it’s a beautiful RV with all the comforts of home.

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With all these amenities and weight, we can only Imagine that the miles per gallon are actually measured as gallons per mile in this fuel hog. Which isn’t to say that we wouldn’t be more than happy to have a Powerhouse of our own. We just might have to take out a second mortgage to pay for the gas to get her out of town.

In the video below you can take a look inside and see Doug–beaming with pride– talk all about his creation to the good folks at Destination America.

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