Old Church Bus Transformed Into Livable RV by Texas Couple

A little hard work has gone a long way…

A couple from Texas have spectacularly transformed a 30-year-old $1,500 1988 Blue Bird bus into their dream RV over the course of a 4 month renovation.

Christopher Stoll, 25, and Tori Edwards, 28, met while working as teachers in Japan. They decided to continue their minimalist lifestyles after they moved back to Fort Worth, Texas.

“We stripped it, put in flooring, installed the sink and bed and solar panels and plumbing,” Stoll told ABC News. “The only thing we couldn’t do was fix the transmission, so we went to a diesel repair shop and that was our biggest expense.”

They estimate the total cost has been around $8,000 which includes the price of the bus, which as you can see is real value for money and testiment to the time and work spent creating this motorhome.

The hardest part of the build for Christopher was getting the electrics right, although Tori did have to scrape off the floor of the original bus using an icescraper which was gruelling, tedious work.

“The floor was glued down and was matted with faeces and a bird’s nest so it was a harrowing tale but worth it!”

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The couple now plan to spend at least one year traveling the country in their refurbished vehicle.

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