This Restored 1941 Ford Western Flyer Will Have You Green With Envy!

The 1941 Ford Western Flyer sure is a beaut!

Now, there are an awful lot of jokes that could be and have been made at the expense of Ford Motors. There’s probably even some truth to some (most) of them. But even the most ardent Ford hater cannot deny this:

This my friends is the 1941 Ford Western Flyer and she sure is a b’eaut! Just look at those curves. It’s said there were only four of these motorhomes ever made and when an upholsterer named Howdy Ledbetter got his hands on one he took it upon himself to take it from it’s rotted out condition and restore it to what you see now. Of course, since parts were hard to come by, Ledbetter added his own interpretations like a 1941 Ford COE grill and a 1941 Buick headlamp as seen above the windshield.


The 1941 Ford Western Flyer was a very special edition conceived by famed industrial designer Brooks Stevens–who you may know as the genius behind the 1963 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The one you see in the picture above sold to a private buyer last year for a cool $150,000.

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To read the story of how the 1941 Western Flyer came to be and for more pictures, check out this link.

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