The Cosmopolitan Apartment You Can Take Anywhere!!

Ever Seen a More Contemporary Motorhome Interior??

This RV has possibly one of the most modern interiors we’ve seen and with 55 square meters of living space it ain’t small either.


In fact, once you’ve parked up the Articulated Dream 720 Master and got it level (which looks a piece of cake), it nearly doubles in width as the sides expand out. We also live the self-seeking satellites for TV and internet – really cool!


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But the thing that really hits us is the quality of finish inside – it really looks luxurious and contemporary, which isn’t admittedly everyone’s preference; but it just looks like a nice place to be. High quality fixtures and fittings litter this place – from the computer hubs that control virtually everything to the high end kitchen brands.


It really is like a cosmopolitan apartment you can take anywhere in the world!

Check out the gadgets, gizmo’s and sleek finish!

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