The Ultimate in RV Sleekness – Inside & Out!

The Ketterer Continental Looks Cool – and IS Cool!

I can’t think of a better looking RV off the top of my head – this thing looks the part both inside and out. It’s like a contemporary apartment inside, pristine and sterile in white, beautifully laid out and practical.



The pictures here are of a Continental Custom Line variation, which is the largest and presumably top of the line of these RVs, offering a virtually endless array of design options.  Ketterer offer a range of other variations of the Continental which all have their own unique features, but crucially all have the rear garage for a small car (think Smart car / Audi A1 size).



This model is build on a Mercedes Benz chassis and even features a full-size bath to relax in after a hard days ‘camping’ in this home from home.



I don’t mind admitting that this motorhome looks nicer inside than my house, although I suspect it’s considerably more expensive too!





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