Unicat – Is This The Most Extreme RV Ever Made?

Widen your Vacation Options with this ‘Go anywhere’ RV

Okay, so it may not be the best looking RV on the road, but this thing doesn’t have to stay on the road if it doesn’t want to. And inside it’s surprisingly modern and clean in design compared to the rugged exterior.


Unicat, a German company, in fact refer to it as an ‘expedition vehicle’ rather than an RV due to the types of terrain this bad boy can handle.


It’s at home either in the heat of the desert or in the icy conditions of the Arctic so extreme exploring really is an option, an impressive feat when you think about how your standard RV’s react to a gusty crosswind on the highway!

We love the little ATV that drops down from the rear to continue the ‘go anywhere’ theme, and the inside looks like a luxurious little haven where you can relax in whatever surroundings you may have ventured into.



It may not be the cheapest at around $700,000 but if you really want to see the world it might just be worth every cent?


Source: doityourselfRV.com

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