Video: Check Out Will Smith’s Amazing Two-Storey Celebrity Motorhome!

For when cost is not an issue – not too bad for a trailer on set!

This Motorhome on steroids is exactly what a film star needs to relax in after a hard day on set filming the latest blockbuster movie.

Custom built features ensure that this mansion on wheels is fit for Will Smith’s every need, and with 8 films under his belt that each grossed over $100 million he’s sure to have the cash to spec it out exactly how he wants it.



With a granite kitchen worktop costing between $100-$200,000, a pop-up make-up mirror with a TV inside and ‘Star Trek’ doors, this RV is amazing inside and out. Everything is remote controlled, but that pop-out roof creating the second storey has to be seen to be believed!


When the second storey of this incredible RV has been deployed it gives access to a huge screening area (well – he is a film star!) which doubles as a high tech business suite.

A push of a button and the blinds are down creating a cinema room and providing total privacy.


The estimated cost for the whole motorhome comes in at around $2.5 million, which ain’t cheap but what did you expect? I mean this rig has 14 TV’s on it alone!

Apparently Will Smith actually owns the company that make these RVs, and has been known to provide them for his other co-stars on big movies to use as their own luxury on-set trailers. Not a bad friend to have!

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Check out this motorhome mansion and imagine your life as a global superstar…

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